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Pax starts off the year discussing the 1987 classic, Adventures in Babysitting by Elizabeth Faucher. 

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For this year's holiday episode Pax is covering the junior novelization of the first Home Alone movie by Todd Strasser and the adult novelization of Home Alone 2 by AL Singer.

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Welcome the 6th annual Halloween episode of I Read Movies where this year I'm covering the 1985 novelization of Return of the Living Dead by John Russo!

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In this pre-Halloween episode Pax covers the 1998 novelization to Blade, starring Wesley Snipes, Kris Kristopherson, and Stephen Dorff.

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On the second episode of season 2 of Crestwood House Pax, Mike and Shawn discuss the Tod Browning cult classic Freaks! Probably one of the most influential "cult" films, this flick gained notoriety for casting actual disabled and circus performers.

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In this episode Pax breaks down the first Predator sequel from 1990 written by Simon Hawke.

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In this episode Pax goes over the original Predator novelization from 1987 by Paul Monette.

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With the release and success of Top Gun: Maverick, Pax decides to take off with the 1986 novelization of the original Top Gun movie.

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In this episode Pax digs into the 1991 novelization of the first Bill & Ted sequel which includes an alternate ending.

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In this episode Pax talks about the novelization of the first Sam Raimi/Tobey Maguire Spider-Man movie from 2002!  Lots of extra info in this one, so download and listen up True Believers!

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On this episode I close out the original quadrilogy of Batman novelizations with Batman and Robin by Michael Jan Friedman.

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In this episode Pax discusses the fifth in the series of Knight Rider novelizations titled Mirror Image featuring the first appearance of Michael's evil twin Garthe, and the indestructible truck Goliath.

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In this episode Pax covers the second of the Knight Rider TV novelizations.  This one novelizes Michael and KITT's very first confrontation with KARR, KITT's evil prototype, in the episode Trust Doesn't Rust!

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On this episode Pax discusses the novelization of the pilot episode of Knight Rider, Knight of the Phoenix.  Written by the show's creator, Glen A Larson.

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It's I Read Movies' very first episode on the CFC podcast feed!  For this special debut episode, Pax covers the movie novelization of Johnny Mnemonic from 1995 writen by Terry Bisson.

To listen to the previous 50+ episodes of I Read Movies check out the I Read Movies podcast feed.  All new episodes will post here on the CFC feed.

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On this episode Shawn, Jaime, and Pax discuss the third entry in the Cannon Films Ninja Trilogy, 1984's Ninja III: The Domination starring Breakin's Lucinda Dickey, Sho Kosugi, and James Hong.

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In this Concession Stand episode Pax talks about the differences between the the movie and the novelization of the 1995 Mortal Kombat movie.

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In this Concession Stand we present you another episode of Pax's I Read Movies Podcast where he talks all about the Gremlins novelization from 1984.  The book presents lots of extra info and Pax is joined by Shawn for the discussion.

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This is the 50th episode of CFC! On this very special episode we decide to do something very special and cover our very first TV series.  This month we are talking about the cult classic Freaks & Geeks from 1999-2000.  We talk about our history with the show, the remarkable cast, the awesome music and so much more.

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We are one episode away from the big 50th episode of CFC.  Before we get there, though, Jaime, Shawn and Pax are back in the Clubhouse to discuss the 1984 classic, Red Dawn.  

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On this episode of Cult Film Club Jaime, Shawn and Pax discuss the controversial Disney classic, Song of the South from 1946 starring James Baskett, Bobby Driscoll and Hattie McDaniel.  We discuss the movie, the music and of course the controversy surrounding the subject matter of the movie and why it has never been released on home video in North America.

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In this spooky Halloween episode of the Cult Film Club podcast Jaime, Shawn and Pax are discussing the 1986 horror movie Trick or Treat starring Family Ties' Marc Price with cameos by Gene Simmons and Ozzy Ozbourne.

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On this episode of the Cult Film Club, Shawn, Jaime and Pax break out their Powell/Peralta skateboards and do some pool shredding while discussing the 1989 flick Gleaming the Cube.  Starring Christian Slater, the movie is a mix of skating action wrapped around a mid-80s-era Cannon Asian crime drama.  Weird, but so worth the viewing, if only for the angsty Footloose-style skateboard dancing scene performed by the badass Rodney Mullen.  So strap on your elbow and knee pads and join us on the half pipe as we dig into this flick.

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This month Jaime, Shawn and Pax take a trip back to 1985 for Krush Groove.  It's the fictionalized story of Def Jam Records starring some of the most famous hip hop artists of the time including Kurtis Blow, Run-DMC, The Fat Boys, LL Cool J and Sheila E.

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This month Jaime, Shawn and Pax talk about the 1985 sci-fi/fantasy/teen/high school/romantic/comedy, My Science Project.  We talk about our first exposure to the movie, we talk about the cast, we talk about our likes and dislikes.  Come join us for our discussion about this movie.

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After enjoying the heck out of James Gunn's recently blockbuster hit Guardians of the Galaxy, the CFC thought it was a great opportunity to take a look at one of Gunn's first forays into the cinematic super hero genre.  Super, he also wrote and directed Super, but a decade before that he wrote and starred in a little indie flick called The Specials (2000, directed by Craig Mazin).  Starring Rob Lowe, Thomas Haden Church, Padget Brewster, Jordan Ladd and Jamie Kennedy, the movie follows a super hero team over the course of one long day right as they are about to be honored with their own line of action figures.  But can the team get over the egos and personal problems to enjoy their time in the spotlight?  Can they?

We talk about the actors, Gunn and his roots in Troma through to his new hit Marvel movie, the soundtrack, and why this film is more relevant today than it's ever been.

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