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On this episode of the Cult Film Club, Jaime, Pax and Shawn dive into the world of kid's fantasy flicks to take a look at one of the most underappreciated movies of the 80s, Disney's Return to Oz.  But wait, can a Disney movie really be cult?!  Well, when it features a nightmare version of a beloved cinema classic complete with shock therapy, claymation, and soulless companions it certainly can be!

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On this special Halloween episode of the Cult Film Club Shawn, Pax and Jaime dive into Fred Dekker's 1987 magnum opus, The Monster Squad.  Quick, what are two ways to kill a werewolf?  Hint, kicking him in the nards isn't one.  We talk about the film, its influences, the rad music by Michael Sembello and get deep into the nitty gritty of the film's trivia.  So sit back, grab a handful of Halloween candy and enjoy as we discuss this rad monster mash.

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This month Jaime, Shawn and Pax take a trip back to 1985 for Krush Groove.  It's the fictionalized story of Def Jam Records starring some of the most famous hip hop artists of the time including Kurtis Blow, Run-DMC, The Fat Boys, LL Cool J and Sheila E.

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Jaime, Paxton, and Shawn are back with another episode of the Cult Film Club, this time taking a look at one of the most obscure movies we've ever covered, Nice Girls Don't Explode from 1987.  Starring the queen of the nerdy 80s girls, Michelle Meyrink (Revenge of the Nerds, Real Genius, Joy of Sex), the film centers on April who tends to cause her environment to spontaneously combust whenever she gets hot and bothered.  We talk about the film, the cast, and why you should never call Wallace Shawn Helen...

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On this episode of the Cult Film Club Shawn, Jaime and Paxton dive stagedive into the weird and wonderful world of Hedwig and the Angry Inch.  Written, directed and starring John Cameron Mitchell with music by Stephen Trask, this modern musical masterpiece follows a young boy named Hansel as his world is turned upside down, his body inside out, and his genius stolen.  Hansel becomes Hedwig, a transexual diva whose life story makes for an amazing glam/punk rock album.  We talk about the film, the amazing soundtrack, the actors, and the stage play that influenced the whole production.

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This month Jaime, Shawn and Pax talk about the 1985 sci-fi/fantasy/teen/high school/romantic/comedy, My Science Project.  We talk about our first exposure to the movie, we talk about the cast, we talk about our likes and dislikes.  Come join us for our discussion about this movie.

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In this episode of the Cult Film Club hosts Jaime, Shawn and Pax tackle the seriously under-appreciated 80s teen comedy Just One of the Guys!  Starring Joyce Hyser, Billy Jayne (Jacoby), Billy Zabka, and Clayton Rohner, the film centers around aspiring writer Terry as she learns the hard way that sometimes it sucks to be a girl.  After having her article entry for the local paper's internship contest squashed by her journalism teacher, Terry decides that the only way she can get a fair shake is to switch schools, and genders.  Terry goes undercover as Terrance to submit her article for the contest but soon finds herself mixed up with a local bully, the romantic life of her new friend Rick, and trying to keep her little brother from getting an STD.

We talk about our history with the film, the wonderful cast, the amazing soundtrack, and why this film hasn't found the appreciative audience that it really deserves...

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In honor of the opening of Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice, Pax and Shawn have CT and Michael May join them in the clubhouse for a discussion on the final Christopher Reeve Superman film, Part IV, the Quest For Peace.  We talk about our initial thoughts going into the movie, the things we like (there are a few, yes) and then we talk about all the things we don't like.  We even get in some good discussion about what would have been cool to see in this movie.  Join us for our triumphant return to the clubhouse!

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