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On this episode of Cult Film Club Jaime, Shawn and Pax discuss the controversial Disney classic, Song of the South from 1946 starring James Baskett, Bobby Driscoll and Hattie McDaniel.  We discuss the movie, the music and of course the controversy surrounding the subject matter of the movie and why it has never been released on home video in North America.

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On this mini episode of the show we visit the Concession Stand to talk a bit about Gremlins 2.  After covering the first film on episode 43 of the show we also ended up talking about the sequel, but it was too much for one episode, and not enough for two.  So sit back as we have a short conversation about the sequel, Phoebe Cates' horrible head gear, evolved Gremlins, Joe Dante's penchant for making cartoon movies, and why the salad gremlin rules all.

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