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For the final episode of season 1 of the Cult Film Club Podcast hosts Shawn. Paxton and Jaime tackle the pseudo-Christmas wackiness that is Better Off Dead from 1985.  Starring John Cusack as Lane Meyer, a clutzy teen with aspirations of skiingthe K-12 and winning back the girl who dumped him, the film is a live action cartoon of car races, jell-o snorthing, French exchange students, and anthromoporphic hamburgers rocking out to Van Halen.  Grab your book on how to pick up trashy ladies, your aardvark hoodie, and your fetal pig in a jar as we ponder the age of question of what the street value is of this mountain!

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The Cult Film Club is back with our first Halloween episode where Paxton, Jaime and Shawn tackle the cult horror phenomenon that is Troll 2! None of the hosts saw this movie before we watched it for the show, so does it live up to the hype? In addition to discussion of the flick we also tackle the Documentary, Best Worst Movie, which chronicles the making and fall out of Troll 2. So grab your corn cob, avoid all green custardy foodstuffs, and take a trip with us to Nilbog where we discover that even though you can’t piss on hospitality, you can apparently piss all over the dinner table and your family and not get beaten to death…

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In this epsiode of the Cult Film Club Pax, Jaime and Shawn take a metaphorical road trip both back in time and down to central Florida to see the almost lost cult classic, Miami Connection.  We rock out with the heroic taekwando band Dragon Sound, go into berserker rages while fighting drug dealing ninjas, and we all look for our lost fathers, because we're all like, orphans and junk.  Is this not making sense?  Well, it'll make a whole lot more after we talk about the pure insanity that is Miami Connection.  So grow out your best looking John Oates mustache, grab someone's nose with your toes, and join the fight against the ninja!

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The Cult Film Club is proud to cap off the Summer 2013 TAG Network crossover event by inviting our first guests, two awesome Classic Film Jerks, into the clubhouse to discuss the 1998 neo-noir flick Zero Effect!  We were graciously invited onto the CFJ show last week to discuss The Maltese Falcon, and so when we had Andrew and Michael in our place we figured what better way to bookend a look at classic noir than with one of our favorite cult mysteries.  Starring Bill Pullman, Ben Stiller, Kim Dickens and Ryan O’Neal, the film centers on Daryl Zero, who is by his own admission the greatest observer the world has ever known. One part objective observer, one part detective, one part master of disguise, one part deluded rock star, and a full on emotionally damaged, reclusive hermit, Zero (Pullman) is like a modern day Sherlock Holm-body, solving mysteries from inside his hermetically sealed apartment.  But his assistant, Steve Arlo (Stiller), has had enough, and for him the next case will be his last.  That case, the case of the missing tycoon's keys, proves to be much more complicated than either of them bargained for as they weave their way through a maze of blackmail, revenge, murder, and even a bit of romance.

In the episode we talk about the idea of ditching "who don-its" for "why theydid-its", Pullman's magnetic and wacky charisma, being famous for marrying a poster model, and the all too certain comeback of the pager.  We take a closer look at the actors and then we all take turns recasting the flick for a more modern audience (and in one case retroactively for an 80s audience!)

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This time on the Cult Film Club, Jaime, Paxton and Shawn tackle their first sequel, the incomparable and sometimes incoherent Karate Kid 3.  Daniel Larusso, having already won the All Valley Karate Tournament against a high school bully, a death match agasint the chosen Chozen, and lost two ultimate loves of his life can do only one thing, turn to the darkside, Return of the Jedi-style.  Falling prey to a trap set up by the down-on-his-luck Cobra Kai sensei John Kreese and his overload/employer ex-Nam buddy Tony Silver, Daniel strays away from the teachings of Mr. Miyagi and follows the path of pain, suffering and the front leg sweep.  Can a priceless bonsai tree growing in the pit of the Devil's Cauldron save his soul?  Seriously, this is the recap of the film.

Join us as we talk about the film, our favorite scenes, the insanity that is Terry Silver, the unfortunate soundtrack, and our desire to write the ultimate Karate Kid 3 fan fiction brining back the entire Cobra Kai roster from the first film.

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Next time on Episode 7 of the Cult Film Club, hosts Jaime, Paxton and Shawn will be will be traveling to the realm of Outworld to do battle with Shang Sung, Goro, and Kano while watching the 1995 martial arts flick Mortal Kombat! Starring Christopher Lambert, Robin Shou, Bridgette Wilson, and Linden Ashby, this flick was adapted from the hyper violent video game series and focuses on three heroes on a quest to save our world from being enslaved by the forces of evil in a fighting tournament called Mortal Kombat. The flick was directed by Paul WS Anderson, the guy who also brought us Event Horizon, Resident Evil, and Aliens Vs. Predator, so a classy filmmaker is what we're dealing with.

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Next time on Episode 6 of the Cult Film Club, hosts Paxton, Jaime and Shawn will be will be tackling the 1982 Bob Rosenthal teen sex comedy Zapped! Starring the future Charles in Charge power couple Scott Baio and Willie Ames, the film focuses on a nerdy senior named Barney who accidentally unlocks the power of telekinesis after an explosion in the school lab. What's a boy to do with his new-found power? Well, undress the student body of course. For science. The flick also features the busty Heather Thomas, the Fact's of Life's Felice Schachter, and one of the best dream sequences in modern history involving Scatman Crothers, Einstein and some flying salami!

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In this month's episode, hosts Paxton, Jaime and Shawn delve into Hal Ashby's 1971 Cult Classic Harold and Maude.  Starring Ruth Gordon and Bud Cort, the film centers on the relationship between a 20-something obsessed with death and funerals juxtaposed against a 79 year-old who is rambuncious and full of life.  In addition to the film we spend some time talking about who we would like to see if given the chance to recast the movie with modern actors.

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On Episode 4 of the Cult Film Club, hosts Jaime, Paxton and Shawn are taking a trip into the mind of indie director Don Coscarelli by watching his fantasy opus, The Beastmaster. Starring Marc Singer (V), Tanya Roberrts (Sheena, That 70s Show), John Amos (Goodtimes), and Rip Torn (Men in Black, Freddy Got Fingered), the flick follows Dar, a warrior with the power to communicate with the animal kingdom, on his quest to avenge the destruction and mass murder of his village by the tyrannical wizard Maax. Along the way there are plenty of painted tigers, hot-bodied Stygian witches, and freaky bird people that make this film a true fantasy cult classic!



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Welcome back for Episode 3 of the Cult Film Club. This time Jaime, Paxton and Shawn convene at the clubhouse to discuss the 1966 Sergio Corbucci spaghetti western, Django! Though always in the shadow of Leone’s Dollars Trilogy, and banned in many countries for decades, Django enthralled viewers by introducing new levels of ultra-violence and debauchery to the western genre. Starring Franco Nero, the film centers around a lone stranger caught between two warring factions, seeking revenge, and dragging a coffin full of chaos wherever he goes.

In this episode we talk about how each of us came to the western genre, our preferences on English Dubs versus subtitles, modern westerns versus the classic era, how we feel about the violence in the film, the many influences and homage’s in Django, as well as our favorite scenes. We also dig into Franco Nero’s career and play Hollywood moguls as we recast the film with modern actors.

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Join hosts Paxton Holley, Jaime Hood, and Shawn Robare as they explore the weird and wonderful world of Cult cinema in the Cult Film Club Podcast.  For part 2 of the second episode, the trio decide to side-step discussion about a specific movie in order to have a general rountable on the concept of Cult Film in general.  We talk about our personal experiences with cult films, list some of our favorites and also find some time to recast some of our favorite cult films.  Grab a bag of Big Kahuna burgers, a few tasty beverages and find a seat.  The movie is about to begin!

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