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On this special Halloween episode of the Cult Film Club, co-host Shawn drags Jaime and Paxton into the world of the Neon Maniacs! This 1986 horror flick is kind of obscure, but has enough fun junk to make it kind of a cult classic. Featuring 12 monstrous killers stalking a handful of local San Francisco teens, the film is full of weird gore, neon goop, and a score and soundtrack right out of a John Tesh concert.

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The IRM Halloween episode featuring the Jason X novelization! 

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For the final episode of the season, Pax, Mike, and Shawn are joined by Jay from Purple Stuff Podcast to talk about the 1979 Tobe Hooper TV mini-series, Salem's Lot, starring David Soul, James Mason and Bonnie Bedelia.

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On this penultimate episode Michael invites comic book artist Brent Schoonover on to talk all about the 1973 art-house horror flick, Messiah of Evil. Featuring the eclectic writing/directing duo of Willard Huyck & Gloria Katz (American Graffiti, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Howard the Duck), the film taps into the dark mindset of the nation after the horrific Manson slayings, borrowing from the nihilism of George Romero's Night of the Living Dead and the madness of H.P. Lovecraft to create a very eerie and odd film.

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Crestwood house is entering the final leg of the 3rd season and for these last three episodes hosts Shawn, Michael and Paxton are inviting guests onto the show to pick some of their favorite classic horror films.

This week Shawn invites his wife and Cult Film Club co-host, Jaime Hood, on to talk all about the 1961 gothic horror flick The Innocents.

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Pax takes Mike and Shawn on a tour through The Old Dark House from 1932, starring Boris Karloff, Gloria Stuart, and directed by James Whale.

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