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In this episode Shawn, Jaime, and Pax survive the burning blade, and tame the savage heart, by talking about John Carpenter's "everything but the kitchen sink" 1986 fantasy sci-fi film, Big Trouble in Little China.

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In this Concession Stand we present you another episode of Pax's I Read Movies Podcast where he talks all about the Gremlins novelization from 1984.  The book presents lots of extra info and Pax is joined by Shawn for the discussion.

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On the latest episode of the Cult Film Club, Jaime, Shawn and Pax decide that they all want to be the most popular girl while watching the 1989 supernatural romance, Teen Witch. Top That!

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On this special bonus episode of the Cult Film Club, regular Co-Host Paxton Holley brings his keen novelization-reading podcast I Read Movies into the club for a bit so that he can talk about the Nightmare on Elm Street 2 novelization by Jeffrey Cooper!

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The Cult Film Club is back, closing out the summer with one of their favorite films in the "comfort cult" genre, 1996's Big Night! Starring Tony Shalhoub, Stanley Tucci, Minnie Driver, Isabella Rossellini, and the incomparable Ian Holm, the film is a slight departure from the style of movie we tend to cover on the show, but it's an obscure pick that is a very high recommend. In the episode we talk about the movie, the slew of character actors, the 90s era independent movie boom, and food. We talk a lot about food. So grab a bottle of your favorite wine, order in some of the best Italian fare you can find on Uber Eats and join us as we dig into the feast that is Big Night.

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This month in the Clubhouse Jaime, Shawn, and Pax are discussing the 1985 high school romantic comedy Secret Admirer with C Thomas Howell, Lori Loughlin and the late Kelly Preston.

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Join hosts Jaime, Paxton and Shawn for the latest episode of the Cult Film Club where we talk about the 1988 Corey/Corey masterpiece, License to Drive. Listen as we discuss the rad soundtrack, Corey Haim's innocent gape-mouthed acting, the snarkiness of Corey Feldman, and the rest of the awesome cast. Get out of our dreams an into our Podcast for another fun episode!

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In this concession stand episode, Pax goes over the differences between the Highlander movie and the novelization written by Garry Kilworth.

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On the latest episode of the Cult Film Club, Shawn, Jaime and Paxton open their trench-coats, pull out their swords and duel to the last as they cover the 1986 Cannon classic, Highlander. Listen as we discuss the film's music video roots, the amazing eye game of Christopher Lambert, the ridiculous but awesome casting of Sean Connery as a 2000 year-old Egyptian metallurgist, and the amazing Queen soundtrack. Don't lose your head before finishing this one!

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On this episode of CFC Jaime, Shawn and Pax talk all about the 1992 sci-fi actioneer, Freejack, starring Emilio Estevez, Mick Jagger, Rene Russo, David Johansson and Sir Anthony Hopkins!

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On the latest episode of the Cult Film Club, Jaime, Shawn and Paxton dig deep into the awkwardly sexy thriller The Crush from 1993. Starring Cary Elwes and introducing Alicia Silverstone, this flick give Lolita a run for its money as one of the most disturbing romances every committed to film. Join us as we talk about the film, the cast, the music and the controversy around the origins of the script.

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After a bit of a winter hiatus the Cult Film Club is back with an episode covering the 1982 Jim Henson puppetry cult classic, The Dark Crystal! Join us as we discuss all aspects of the film from the technical achievement to the great voice cast and unconventional story.

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