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For this year's holiday episode Pax is covering the junior novelization of the first Home Alone movie by Todd Strasser and the adult novelization of Home Alone 2 by AL Singer.

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This year the Cult Film Club will have dueling Halloween episodes! To play yin to Teen Wolf's yang this month co-host Shawn is stoked to finally talk  about one of his favorite horror film, 1990's oddball horror fantasy flick Nightbreed! Based on a novel by, as well as written and directed by Clive Barker, this flick introduces us to the world of Midian, where the monsters live.

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On the final full episode of Crestwood House for season 2, co-host Shawn takes Paxton and Michael to an abandoned farmhouse to discuss the 1968 zombie classic, Night of the Living Dead!

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On this episode of Crestwood House Mike, Shawn, and Pax discuss the 1943 Val Louten movie I Walked with a Zombie featuring voodoo zombies!

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Welcome the 6th annual Halloween episode of I Read Movies where this year I'm covering the 1985 novelization of Return of the Living Dead by John Russo!

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Crestwood House Season 2 continues this month as Michael follows up the Terrance Fisher directed Hammer flick The Devil Rides Out flick with the similar in theme black magic romp Night of the Demon Starring Dana Andrews!

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On the latest Crestwood House episode, Co-Host Shawn takes Paxton and Michael on a perilous journey as they discuss the Hammer black magic classic The Devil Rides Out starring Christopher Lee and Charles Gray.

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In this episode Mike, Shawn, and Pax discuss Hammer Studio's version of The Mummy from 1959 starring Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing.

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In this episode of Cult Film Club, Jaime, Shawn, and Pax explore the 1985 supernatural teen comedy, Teen Wolf, starring Michael J Fox, along with it's sequel, Teen Wolf Too, as well as the spin off Saturday Morning cartoon.

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On the fourth episode of Season 2 of Crestwood House, Michael, Shawn and Paxton dust off their ancient scroll to revive Universal Horror's 1932 brooding masterpiece The Mummy. Almost a remake of the previous year's Dracula (and technically a much better film), The Mummy offered a much more verbose role for it's lead. Boris Karloff, and provided a actress Zita Johann with a much more robust and heroic role than was typically given to women at the time.

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Continuing the daisy-chain of picks for season 2 of Crestwood House, Episode 3 is all about the 1935 Peter Lorre romantic horror flick Mad Love. Join Shawn, Michael, and Pax as they discuss the flick, it's influence on some modern filmmakers and Peter Lorre's off the wall performance as mad scientist Dr. Gogol.

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In this pre-Halloween episode Pax covers the 1998 novelization to Blade, starring Wesley Snipes, Kris Kristopherson, and Stephen Dorff.

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On the second episode of season 2 of Crestwood House Pax, Mike and Shawn discuss the Tod Browning cult classic Freaks! Probably one of the most influential "cult" films, this flick gained notoriety for casting actual disabled and circus performers.

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On the latest episode Jaime, Shawn and Pax celebrate our diamond anniversary with the flick Girls Just Want to Have Fun from 1985. Starring Helen Hunt, Sarah Jessica Parker, Lee Montgomery and Shannan Doherty, the flick was riffing on the Cyndi Lauper hit song, but became a crazy fun dance movie all of its own!

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On the first episode of the brand new season of the Crestwood House, host Michael walks co-hosts Paxton and Shawn through the Carnival of Souls! An independent production filmed at the cusp of the modern horror movement, CoS is a masterwork of weird and wonderful ghostly horror and madness.

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In this episode Pax breaks down the first Predator sequel from 1990 written by Simon Hawke.

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On the latest episode Shawn, Jaime, and Pax wrap up their summer series with the 1987 insane camping flick, White Water Summer. Staring Kevin Bacon & Sean Astin, this flick tends to fly under the radar of 80s nostalgia freaks and is a qualified gem of a film.

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In this episode Pax goes over the original Predator novelization from 1987 by Paul Monette.

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With the release and success of Top Gun: Maverick, Pax decides to take off with the 1986 novelization of the original Top Gun movie.

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On this episode Shawn, Jaime, and Pax set and spike the 1990 beach volleyball classic Side Out starring C Thomas Howell and Thirty Something's Peter Horton.

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In this episode Pax digs into the 1991 novelization of the first Bill & Ted sequel which includes an alternate ending.

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In this episode Pax talks about the novelization of the first Sam Raimi/Tobey Maguire Spider-Man movie from 2002!  Lots of extra info in this one, so download and listen up True Believers!

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Today we’re releasing a special bonus episode, a very special Field Trip excursion that Paxton, Jaime and I took back in December when we packed up our mics and raided the Totally Rad Christmas podcast. After kicking down the door and setting up our equipment we joined TRC host Jerry to discuss the 1984 Charles Band classic, Trancers. Starring Tim Thomerson & Helen Hunt, this Empire Pictures sci-fi cult classic was a staple of mom and pop video stores all over the country. Jerry was kind enough to let us cross-post this episode into our feed, so why not have a little Christmas in May as we chat about the flick. You can find the Totally Rad Christmas podcast on your favorite podcatcher of choice, or visit them at totally rad to listen to a whole bunch of holiday insanity. And without further to do, let’s get on with the show…

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The Cult Film Club is in session again and in honor of the coming summer season we're kicking things off (wokka wokka) with our favorite crossdressing soccer movie Ladybugs from 1992. Staring Jonathan Brandis, Rodney Dangerfield and Jackee, the film is a weird mishmash of genres including the rag tag sports team, drag movie, and racy comedy. Join us as we discuss the film, the soundtrack, and how well (or not so well) the movie has aged in the past 30 years.

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On this episode I close out the original quadrilogy of Batman novelizations with Batman and Robin by Michael Jan Friedman.

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On the latest episode of the Cult Film Club, Shawn, Paxton and Jaime gush over the weirdo cult spy film, Never Too Young to Die starring John Stamos, Vanity, and Gene Simmons (as a hermaphrodite gang leader/singer). STARGROVE!

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In this episode Pax discusses the fifth in the series of Knight Rider novelizations titled Mirror Image featuring the first appearance of Michael's evil twin Garthe, and the indestructible truck Goliath.

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In this episode Pax covers the second of the Knight Rider TV novelizations.  This one novelizes Michael and KITT's very first confrontation with KARR, KITT's evil prototype, in the episode Trust Doesn't Rust!

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On this episode Pax discusses the novelization of the pilot episode of Knight Rider, Knight of the Phoenix.  Written by the show's creator, Glen A Larson.

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It's I Read Movies' very first episode on the CFC podcast feed!  For this special debut episode, Pax covers the movie novelization of Johnny Mnemonic from 1995 writen by Terry Bisson.

To listen to the previous 50+ episodes of I Read Movies check out the I Read Movies podcast feed.  All new episodes will post here on the CFC feed.

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In this episode Paxton takes a look at the 2nd Superman novelization (following the more adult Part 3) and the first he's dug into in the Scholastic Point series of 80s era junior novelizations! The 1987 novelization was written by B.B. Hiller (who also wrote the Big and first two Karate Kid novelizations) and was part of the 50th anniversary of the character.

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