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On the first episode of the brand new season of the Crestwood House, host Michael walks co-hosts Paxton and Shawn through the Carnival of Souls! An independent production filmed at the cusp of the modern horror movement, CoS is a masterwork of weird and wonderful ghostly horror and madness.

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In this episode Pax breaks down the first Predator sequel from 1990 written by Simon Hawke.

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On the latest episode Shawn, Jaime, and Pax wrap up their summer series with the 1987 insane camping flick, White Water Summer. Staring Kevin Bacon & Sean Astin, this flick tends to fly under the radar of 80s nostalgia freaks and is a qualified gem of a film.

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In this episode Pax goes over the original Predator novelization from 1987 by Paul Monette.

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