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In episode 28 of the Cult Film Club, hosts Paxton, Shawn and Jaime finally tackle one of the most quintessential cult films of the past 30 years, 1984's Repo Man! Directed by outsider auteur Alex Cox, Repo Man centers on semi-nihilistic punk Otto (Emilio Estevez) who is reluctantly recruited into the seedy world of car repossession by repo lifer Bud (Harry Dean Stanton) and his cohorts at the Helping Hands agency. If learning the ropes, "stealing" back cars from deadbeat owners, and dodging violent Mod rock bands weren't crazy enough, Otto is also on the trail of a hot (literally, sweating balls hot) Chevy Malibu that is very possibly carrying a leaking neutron bomb, though it might also be the mobile sarcophagus for the decomposing bodies of four squid-like aliens. Figuring out how this car ties into his new girlfriend Leila, a couple of rival Latin repo men, and quite possibly time travel might be too much for Otto to handle without a frontal lobotomy.

In this episode we talk about the film, its place in cult history, the cast, and most importantly the punk rock soundtrack that elevates and even saved the film.

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