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Today we’re releasing a special bonus episode, a very special Field Trip excursion that Paxton, Jaime and I took back in December when we packed up our mics and raided the Totally Rad Christmas podcast. After kicking down the door and setting up our equipment we joined TRC host Jerry to discuss the 1984 Charles Band classic, Trancers. Starring Tim Thomerson & Helen Hunt, this Empire Pictures sci-fi cult classic was a staple of mom and pop video stores all over the country. Jerry was kind enough to let us cross-post this episode into our feed, so why not have a little Christmas in May as we chat about the flick. You can find the Totally Rad Christmas podcast on your favorite podcatcher of choice, or visit them at totally rad to listen to a whole bunch of holiday insanity. And without further to do, let’s get on with the show…

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