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This time on the Cult Film Club, Jaime, Paxton and Shawn tackle their first sequel, the incomparable and sometimes incoherent Karate Kid 3.  Daniel Larusso, having already won the All Valley Karate Tournament against a high school bully, a death match agasint the chosen Chozen, and lost two ultimate loves of his life can do only one thing, turn to the darkside, Return of the Jedi-style.  Falling prey to a trap set up by the down-on-his-luck Cobra Kai sensei John Kreese and his overload/employer ex-Nam buddy Tony Silver, Daniel strays away from the teachings of Mr. Miyagi and follows the path of pain, suffering and the front leg sweep.  Can a priceless bonsai tree growing in the pit of the Devil's Cauldron save his soul?  Seriously, this is the recap of the film.

Join us as we talk about the film, our favorite scenes, the insanity that is Terry Silver, the unfortunate soundtrack, and our desire to write the ultimate Karate Kid 3 fan fiction brining back the entire Cobra Kai roster from the first film.

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